Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up Fall 2016

If you would like to meet with a staff member who is not in the table below, please call or email for an appointment.

2017  Spring? Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held during the week of April .
To reserve a Spot for Parent Teacher Conferences:
  • Copy the access code next to your student's classroom/homeroom teacher  
  • Go to the Event Scheduler
  • Paste or type the teacher access code into the box 
  • Enter your contact information 
  • Choose from available appointment slots.

 Teacher Name Access Code
 KAmber Pickers 
Debbie Mountford
Amanda Dyer

 1MaryAnne Young
Karen Barter
Rachel Singh

 2Jane Monahan
Rochelle Sprague
Patty Galeaz

 3 Marianne Tripp
Abbie Plaskov

 4Missy Gaston
Caroline Fournier

 5David Keefe
Meryl Sweeney
Heather Dority

 6Jill Frels
Christina Nicholson
Michael Fournier

 7Lynn Hanna
Brian Boardman
Maria Simpson

 8Cindy Brotzman
Annah Houston
Ben Macko

Health 7/8 & K-8 PE Helen Jolley 
Brian O'Connell

Guidance Carol Rosinski  
 GTSarah Winne 

 Speech & Language, K-4Jeanne Gilpatrick 
French Lynda Millar 
Music Rebecca Edmondson 
 Middle School Band/Music Gene Gill
 Library/Media Specialist
Technology Education
Siobhan Ryan
Rick Barter or Nancy Sweeney 
If you would like to meet
with Library/Media
or Technology Education faculty,
please email the request to: