Subscribe to School E-Mail Lists

We now have self-subscribing (and unsubscribing) email lists for parents and participants.

These group email lists will allow us to not only get out general bulletins to the greater Conners Emerson Community on a regular basis, but they will also allow the leaders and coaches of specific teams and groups to get information out to parents on a timely basis.

We will add more specific mailing lists as needed.

If you wish to subscribe to a group email list, either click on the link in the list description below, or copy/paste the email address given into an email message from your account and send a blank email to that address.

If you have a Gmail address, you will then be subscribed.

Any other service provider, you may receive a return email for verification that you have asked to be subscribed .... simply reply to that email.  You will then receive a final automated verification of group membership. If you are emailing from a Gmail account, you will be automatically accepted as a member of the list. If other than a gmail account, you will get a return email, asking you to verify that you want to join.
(If you have problems subscribing, please send email to <>

**The footer of every email that you receive as a member of the group will have instructions for unsubscribing from the group.